A Whole New World: Moving Monday

Well. I guess it’s actually happening, so I’d better make it official and tell the world. Because nothing is official until it’s on social media. Although as I type this I’m pretty sure most of the world already knows this is happening.

A Whole New World

Way back in December of 2015, Mr.BarBelle accepted a wonderful position with a pharmaceutical company here in the Research Triangle area. However, knew when he accepted the role we knew that we would be moving. So ta-da, in just a few short months we will be off on a brand new adventure!

The BarBelle's Are Moving! @mrsbarbelle

For those of you geographically challenged (like I am) that’s the wonderful state of Pennsylvania, and that little red star is a town about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. We’ve found a fabulous little apartment and more importantly, we found a CrossFit gym that has already made us feel welcome. Stay tuned for a post about how we picked a gym before we picked an apartment… because really, well, priorities.

It’s a total mix of excitement and skepticism. I’ve already done a cross-country move once so I keep telling myself nothing will bring as much of a shock as moving from island life to the south. Mr.BarBelle doesn’t remember living anywhere besides North Carolina so this will definitely be a new chapter for the both us of. But to bring the mush factor up, we’ve got each other, and that’s way more than we need. Home is wherever I am with you.

And now to answer the burning questions I know you all have…

What do the cats think about this move?

Ahh, I’m glad you asked the most important question first! Milky is likely scared of a new prospect of a home and Hoody is probably telling him all sorts of terrible things about how cold PA will be. However, I think I have convinced Mr.BarBelle to let us get them a new cat tower so we have that to look forward to! I also think they will like the bay windows our new apartment has and the porch that will allow for their favorite pastime of watching the squirrels eat the bird seed to continue on. 

What are you most excited about for Pennsylvania? 

Dunkin on every corner! But seriously… We’re definitely excited for this new chapter. Mr.BarBelle seems to be pleased with the prospect of snow around the holidays (and to get to take his new Jeep out in it) and I think I’m looking forward to a new apartment. We’ve been in the same apartment that was Mr.BarBelle’s bachelor pad and it’s literally falling down around us. I’ve started pinning all sorts of things and surprise surprise I’m going to try to incorporate southern style and sparkles. No one is shocked, I know. 

Have you found a new job? 

What a lucky gal I am! My current job is just picking up and moving with me. I work for an auto collision company and wherever my handy dandy laptop is, that is where the magic can happen. It’s really nice to have something that will stay consistent when we are changing states, apartments, and lifestyles…however that leads us to the next big question…

How will you make new friends? 

Um, sending out SOS’? I’m seriously considering running a Craig’s List ad? Two of my really great friends from NC will be moving to the greater area so that should definitely help the transition. I’m also really counting on Crossfit Royalty to at least give it the illusion that I can have friends. I dunno why there isn’t a class that you take in high school or college that tells you how to make friends when you are out of school but not having babies. I suppose I know what the basics of that class would be, don’t sit at the coffee shop with RBF, ask people about themselves, don’t be a mean girl. I’ll try to follow these rules…but I imagine this will be the hardest part for me since I have a handful of really great friends I can text when I’m having one of those days that I haven’t talked to anyone about anything except HR problems. 

What will you miss most about North Carolina? 

I think it will be odd to be more than two hours from my family in Wilmington however, I Skype with them 1-3 times a week and probably only actually see them in person once every six weeks so it hopefully won’t be too difficult. I think I’m going to miss the highways, or lack there of them. I grew up driving on two lane country roads on the Big Island of Hawaii. I remember when we moved to NC, I would practice driving myself to Sonic and my reward was a slushie. PA is a whole different ball game, and their highways aren’t as pretty. NC has flowers growing all over the place, PA had a lot of garbage. 

So friends, that’s our big news, and we’re really hoping to get our next state’s bucket list going. What’s should we add to our the must do for Pennslyvania/Philadelphia list?