Fluffy Friday: Cat Anxiety

Did you miss them? Are they bigger?

The answer to the second question is most certainly yes, although a tiny part of me really hopes that Milky’s diet is working and that he will one day weigh under the 20 pound mark. *Sigh* He really is just big boned, I swear.

We’ve been traveling quite a bit the past month, and have actually spent the last week in sunny San Antonio. Mr. BarBelle always has a conference over our wedding anniversary and since my work can travel with me, we decided that I would tag along this year. It was fabulous but upon returning home we can always expect to find a few things.

Fluffy Friday

Hairball Central– The cat sitter probably logically assumes, Milky has a lot of fur, so he must have hairballs often… however I am pretty darn sure that the dude only has “hairballs” when we are gone. So basically, he gets himself so worked up that we are never coming back that he makes himself sick. I’m also convinced that Hoody probably eggs him on and lets him think that we aren’t ever coming back and that no one will show up to feed him because that’s what older brother do right?

Brrrrrr– We have learned with North Carolina summers that the cats get warm quickly. Whenever we leave the house, we do the opposite of what most folks do, and we turn our air colder. Cause that’s what we do, we pay a higher power bill to ensure that Milky is not confined to the kitchen tile floor. There was a period of time that I couldn’t figure out why loveable Milky would not come out from under the bed… guess what? He was overheating everywhere else in the house. Diva.

Sargent Meow-in– The first night we are back Hoody will typically bring every toy he enjoys playing with to the bedroom, as if to taunt Mr. BarBelle and make him feel terrible for the days he was away and didn’t play with him. And Milky will wait until we’ve just fallen asleep and meow like someone was trying to kidnap him. If you ever see Mr. BarBelle in person, ask him to the impersonation. Not because it sounds anything like it, but because it will make you laugh. Really hard. I suppose Milky is just getting us back for all the nights that he had no one there to wake up.


Even with all these oh so lovely things I have to look forward to when we get home tonight, I still can’t wait to see these little dudes. There’s clearly no doubt that I really am a wild cat lady, and I’m okay with it!